Translation Services, Interpreting & Conference Management

With over 15 years in business, ContactoChile Comunicaciones is the trusted provider of translations, interpreting and conference organization services to leading local and international clients.

Information Equality

We advocate for events that unite, not divide, audiences between those who speak English and those who don’t.

Women in Business

ContactoChile Comunicaciones’ employees reflect its gender and diversity policies.


Eco-friendly practices that apply in-house and incite change with clients and suppliers.

The ContactoChile Team

ContactoChile Comunicaciones experts are native speakers and / or language experts from diverse professional backgrounds and industry expertise.

Prior to taking assignments, each team member is vetted by peers and adheres to CCC’s code of conduct and confidentiality.

Working across continents and time zones, the team of Chileans and foreign nationals collaborate to ensure the client’s local & global success.

Foto de Andrea Lagarini
Andrea Lagarini

A highly skilled interpreter with over 20 years of experience, Andrea is an entrepreneurial maverick whose international outlook and cross-cultural background power her professional excellence and triggered CCC’s positioning as Chile’s foremost translation company.

In Chile and abroad, Andrea champions her clients every need, regularly upgrades her skills and actively participates in professional networks and community organizations.

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