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We are passionate about making information democratic – allowing people to speak, listen and read in their own language. We are the bridge for effective communication.


For conferences, keynotes and talks where real-time and accurate interpreting are key ingredients to a successful event.



Technical documentation, websites, software localization, audio-video, terminology management and multilingual DTP.



We organize conferences, seminars and events with speakers and attendees from different countries and cultures.


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Andrea and her team have produced a number of translations for Make-A-Wish Chile. Probably one of the more difficult was taking a Dutch manual and translating it into Spanish. They did a fabulous job. No task is too large and complex for Andrea and her team!
Peter Frerichs, Executive Director, Make a Wish Chile
I wanted to mention - I don’t know who did this translation, but it was absolutely perfect! Not one comment internally. Thanks!!
Kelly O´Brien, Head of Investor Relations, SQM
You guys helped us deliver another successful workshop, so thank you again for your excellent service!
Roper Cleland, Manager- ICMM
This is to let you know that our client is very happy that all deadlines were so smoothly matched. Thanks a lot for your efforts. We really appreciate that!
Sabrina Rocholl, KERN Pharma

Andrea Lagarini's Blog

CEO & Founder

03/08/2019 - 19:22

Brecha de género laboral - Reflexión por el Día Internacional de la Mujer

Según la ONU, más de 2,7 mil millones de mujeres en el mundo se les impide tener el mismo trabajo que los hombres y globalmente las mujeres ganan 23% menos que los hombres. Se dice que esta brecha no se eliminará hasta el 2086 si no se actúa en forma activa. En esta inequidad, se suma la falta de acceso a las protecciones sociales como las pensiones, beneficios de cesantía y de maternidad entre otras. Se dice que solo el 40% de las mujeres con recién nacidos cuentan con beneficios de maternidad.

03/04/2019 - 19:24

Mujeres en Inteligencia Artificial

Esta semana es la semana de las conferencias "Women in Data Science (WiDS)" de la Universidad de Standford . Se trata de eventos globales sobre liderazgo e innovación que tiene como objetivo inspirar y educar a los profesionales en la Ciencia de Datos en todo el mundo sin importar el género y apoyar a las mujeres en esta área.